Language Learning at Berlitz Edinburgh

Speak with Confidence

Mastering a new language involves skills, knowledge and patience. It is a long but rewarding journey that is open to everyone.

At Berlitz Edinburgh we have two main aims. Firstly we want to help you to build your skills and knowledge of your chosen language.  Secondly, we strive to develop you as a language learner.  This involves helping you to gain an understanding and awareness of the characteristics and strategies that are so very important in ensuring your success in learning another language or languages.

There are many similarities between learning your first language and learning a second, third or fourth language.  Every word is a treasure, every phrase a step forward in understanding. There is no such thing as error, only evolution as we move through natural linguistic stages that strengthen our skills, confidence and ability to communicate.  The journey should be interesting, engaging and with a real sense that your ability to communicate in the language is growing steadily within you.

We don’t see our role simply as knowledge providers, rigidly imparting  dry, uninspiring rules of language, but rather as guides and fellow travellers who have been, or are at the moment, on a similar journey to yours.  We are here to guide, advise and keep you going forward whilst always providing you with  the all important opportunities to strengthen and grow your listening, understanding and speaking abilites in fun, motivating and enjoyable ways.

If you would like to discuss learning or developing a new language then please do get in touch.  We would be delighted to hear from you at any time and would welcome the chance to talk to you about how we may be able to help you to successfully begin or continue your language learning journey.



 Welcome to Berlitz Edinburgh

British Council Accreditation

It was two superb weeks in your town and thanks for all support at your school. Martina

Valencia, Spain

I would like to thank you and my teachers, for their highly professional, truly human and generous attitude to visitor. I have only the most pleasant and warmest memories of Edinburgh, the Berlitz school and of you. Polat

Warsaw, Poland

Berlitz Oxford

Berlitz Oxford Language Centre


As well as having a Language Centre in the lovely city of Edinburgh, we also have a Berlitz Centre in the beautiful city of Oxford.  If you would like to know about our Berlitz there, please visit www.berlitzoxford.co.uk.