The Berlitz Method®

The Berlitz Method® is a communacative approach to teaching which was first introduced 140 years ago by Berlitz founder, Maximilian D. Berlitz.  It is based around five principles:

  1. Goal-oriented instruction – this means that the student’s objectives are focused on at all times (through personalising materials, adapting programmes, and using real-world activities which the student can relate to)
  2. Maximum student participation – every opportunity possible is given to the student so that he/she can practice the language and gain more confidence, be involved in the learning and develop their knowledge
  3. Exclusive use of the target language – using only English means that the student learns a lot more language a lot more quickly.  Translation is often not an option outside the classroom so using only English equips the student for communicating in every future circumstance
  4. Students learn through listening and speaking supported by reading and writing – all activities build up to speaking production
  5. Students learn grammar as a means of communication and not as a theory which is impossible to use when out using English in the real world.  Grammar knowledge is only useful when it can be used to communicate.

The Berlitz Method can be used with either specific Berlitz learning resources or other materials.  It is fully adaptable to allow for an eclectic approach to language teaching.  The important thing to remember is that we are flexible and adaptable in our approach to helping you to build and consolidate your language skills.