Translation Services

We have a very popular and quick translation service available and have an extensive list of professional translators, working in most languages.

It’s a very easy system:

  1. Bring your original document to our Berlitz Edinburgh Centre so we can scan it
  2. We contact our translator for a quote
  3. We let you know the cost and check with you that you are happy to go ahead
  4. The document is translated (normally in 2-3 days)
  5. We contact you when it is ready and you come to collect it
  6. We print out and stamp the document

If you need the document certifying by a solicitor then we can recommend local ones.

Recently we have had documents translated from Urdu, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and German.



If you need someone to interpret for you during a meeting or conference then we can also organise this.

Contact us at for more information on any translation or interpreting needs.