Why study at Berlitz Edinburgh

The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once wrote, “The limits of my language are the limits of my world”. So as your knowledge of language grows, your world – the world – will open up, becoming wider and offering you bigger and better opportunities.

The Berlitz Language Centre in Edinburgh has a well-established pedigree in language training. Our teachers are skilled, qualified and experienced and they work hard at making the training enjoyable and rewarding.  The teachers will:

Target specific areas that require work after analysing your strengths and weaknesses

Work on your accuracy, and improve your fluency and comprehension

• Extend and practise your vocabulary

Teach you, and help you to practise, new structures

Build your confidence in English and motivate you – pushing your language skills forward

Focus on specific needs, such as medical, marketing, engineering, legal English, etc


Social Evenings

Berlitz Edinburgh staff and students regularly go out together to enjoy the atmosphere of one of Edinburgh’s many pubs.  It is an ideal opportunity to chat and, if people want to, to try some local food and drink.  This provides the student with the chance to practise the English they have been learning in the classroom, while getting to know the other students and the staff better.

Trips Out

We are very happy to take our students to visit places of interest in and around Edinburgh.  This year we have taken our students to the museums, historic buildings, theatre, to play golf, to the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Highland Show.  If you would like a trip to be included in your programme, please let us know either by email before you arrive for your course or, alternatively, once you are here with us in Edinburgh.  We want you to make the absolute most of your stay and it is never too much trouble for us to organise interesting things for you to do in our beautiful and fascinating city.

Berlitz Edinburgh sits beneath Edinburgh Castle